$24.95 mo 


 $234.95 yr 

  • 5 GB Storage Capacity
  • 2 Admin Users
  • 150 Guest Users

 $34.95 mo 


 $334.95 yr 

  • 10 GB Storage Capacity
  • 5 Admin Users
  • Unlimited Guest Users

 $59.95 mo 


 $574.95 yr 

  • 20 GB Storage Capacity
  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Unlimited Guest Users

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Features and options available in all packages:

  •   24/7 access from any web connection
  •   Secure transmission and storage
  •   Integration with ATX, TaxWise and PaperlessPLUS
  •   Mobile App for iPhone and Android
  •   Audit log to track activity
  •   Upload / Download notifications
  •   Drag and drop files
  •   Add notes to files
  •   Password-protect files
  •   Set expiration date on files
  •   Import client from CSV file
  •   Control user permissions
  •   Custom site branding
  •   Custom login from your website
  •   Video Tutorials
  •   Overdraft Option

Admin User

An Admin User is someone who purchases or manages a PortalSafe account and uses the portal to share files with clients who are classified as Guest Users. An Admin User may also be referred to as a Firm User.

Read more detailed information about PortalSafe in our FAQs.

Guest User

A Guest User is someone who logs into PortalSafe to view or download files that have been shared with them by an Admin user. Guest users may also upload files if the Admin user has granted permission.

Read more detailed information about PortalSafe in our FAQs.